Although my work during my adult life has been mainly to do with mandalas I have also offered various IT services in recent years.

These include:

Design and Illustration:

Over a period of many years I have received commissions in this field mainly to do with mandalas but also occasionally photography.

Design and layout for CDs:

I have also designed many CD Booklets for various musician friends of mine, notably James Asher, Ravi, Marion Carlisle and others…

Web Design:

I have set up many web sites and also provide ongoing back up in that respect. I can set up ecommerce facilities if required and also can make sure your site is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) to maximize the likelihood of your site showing up in search engine results. In terms of ecommerce I have used Paypal so far but am open to explore other possibilities.

Desk Top Publishing:

I have produced many Leaflets, Business Cards and Greetings Cards for a variety of people.

I tend to specialise in areas that involve healing and artistic activities though am open to expanding my scope in that respect.

My work to do with mandalas is well documented on my mandalas web site.


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