PDF versions now available on request. email.


If you live in the UK it is quick and easy for me to send you a catalogue and does n't cost much in postage.

Please click on email and put Catalogue Request in the subject line.


If you live outside the UK the quickest and easiest way for you to view my order forms and leaflets is online. You can select the appropriate order form at

Retail_order_Form.html or I can send you a PDF

If you find this difficult for one reason or another please let me know and I will try to help you or if you especially want to receive a paper copy post you one. However it does involve some delay and costs me a fair bit in postage if I send a lot of catalogues by post. To enquire further please email.

May we all experience the deep inner peace which the mandala symbolizes.

To order on line you can do so using the shopping cart or by e.mailing me your order with a request for an invoice. I will then send you one via paypal which will enable you to pay online by card. Appropriate order forms can be selected at Retail_order_Form.html They are not interactive. However you can use them to work out what you'd like to order and the cost. As well as e.mailing me your order you can phone +44 (0)1239 841381

Time and Space: I live in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales which is part of the UK. Catalogues to UK addresses arrive in a day or two of posting. Anywhere else in the world should allow a week for air mail letters to arrive. If you wish to order, pay for and receive your goods quickly the best way is to do so by e.mail. Otherwise it takes a week for you to get my catalogue, another week for me to get your order and a further week for the goods to arrive. If you order online from anywhere in the world it should n't take more than a week for you to receive your order in theory at least!

All these designs listed below are available as cards and prints. Click on the name to see the image.