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in the context of taking part in a workshop here.

Accommodation in the context of just visiting.


Art materials are extra and charged at cost except in the case of single morning or afternoon sessions when they are free.
I recommend you bringing your own but can provide them if necessary but need to know beforehand.


Food provided is simple and vegan, with the emphasis on grains, fruit, vegetables etc. I would prefer it if no animal products are brought to or eaten in the house though dairy products and eggs would be no problem. If anyone has difficulties with a vegan diet I am happy to discuss the matter of diet further and arrange something different. Pricing is based on the assumption that visitors will help prepare and clear up meals.If you bring your own bedding and towels there is a discount of £2 per night upto a total of £6. I will work out the cost of your visit before hand so we both understand what the final cost will be.

Accommodation is simple but reasonably comfortable. Hazeldene is a small house but there is enough space for a few people to have a reasonable amount of space to themselves and also together with others. At the moment there is no minimum number for workshops so I am open to having one to one situations. Three or four is probably the maximum I could cater for depending on whether people need single rooms or are OK with sharing. As it stands at the moment I can provide two guests with two separate sleeping spaces or four guests could fit in if they were happy to share a room. There is limited working space so four is probably the maximum . I can arrange accommodation and workshop space elsewhere if necessary but that would involve a different pricing structure.

Local Taxi Prices (Home James 01239 841258)

The nearest railway station is Clunderwen. There is also a railway station at Carmarthen and long distance coaches stop there too and also at St Clears which is closer. The prices below are the taxi prices. All being well I can collect visitors for half that cost . However I do not have commercial insurance to cover that so can only give you lifts in an informal context. The same applies if and when I drive you to local places of interest and show you around. Contributions in cash towards my time and petrol are required. If you need general advice about where I am and how to get here please let me know and I'll refer you to maps etc. on the web. The prices below give indicate what the local taxi service charge. If you would like me to collect you a contribution in cash of half that is required.


The hourly rate for being shown around local sites is the same as for the mandala workshops as listed above + petrol costs. I do not have insurance for taking people around so payment has to be on an informal cash basis. For more information on local sites see


If you wish to visit my gallery and the area generally and stay here on a Bed and Breakfast basis I am open to such an idea as long as we all feel reasonably in tune with each other. The implication of such an arrangement would be that you'd go out during the day and come back in the evening unless otherwise understood and agreed. If you wanted an evening meal we could discuss that. Cost would be specific to the number of people, the time of year and so on. Feel free to enquire or see here for general ideas about pricing. For more information on local sites see . Visitors should understand that this is not a B & B household in the normal sense of the word. The set up is more informal than professional in that respect and is only intended for people seriously interested in my work. Please note that the house is a non-smoking environment and it would be good to know in advance if you are a smoker.


Please pay half the total due when booking and the balance one month before the date of your arrival. Dates and costs need to be individually discussed, arranged and agreed with me. If you wish to visit and there is less than a month till your arrival please send payment in full as soon as we have an agreement or if the arrangement is 'last minute' bring cash and pay on arrival.

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