Converging Wisdom, 1994, marker on paper, 9" X 12".

This mandala represents my resolution about not following one specific religious philosophy, but recognizing the common threads of wisdom running through all paths. Moving from the center outward is first the Chinese symbol for balance and duality. This is the principle of two and partnership. Next is the six-pointed star, common to the Jewish faith. The star is comprised of two triangles: one pointing toward heaven and the other to earth. A triangle has three points and represents the principle of "three" such as body, mind, spirit; or Father, Son, Holy Ghost; or father, mother, child. Next is the circle representing the feminine and the square is the masculine. The cardinal points of the four directions pointing to the phases of the moon, represent earth-based religions that depend on the moons phases as well as the principle of "four" and stability. The eight feathers around the perimeter represent Native American spirituality and my own livelihood teaching Native American students. The image is enclosed in a circle, representing the principle of "one", unity with all that is.

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