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Since about 1988 I have been giving occasional Mandala Workshops in the UK (1988 onwards), Switzerland (1994/5), Spain (1994), Latvia (2002, 2004, 2005, 2006) and Lithuania (2006). I have n't much if any records of the earlier ones but have records since about 2000. Here are a few comments from participants illustrated with mandalas painted by them or the group they were part of. Further examples of work painted at workshops since about 2000 can be seen by clicking on the appropriate links at mandala workshops  Below I list comments from people who came to my workshops in a variety of locations, those who came to workshops presented by myself and Felicity Cook and by a few people who came to my home here in Wales.


I am graphics designer with a longstanding interest in colours, signs, symbols and shapes, the way they influence a human being. Internal searches of myself have led me to a discovery of mandala. I have started drawing mandalas spontaneously, looking for information and especially for a teacher to share his practical experience with me. I was excited to discover the information about mandala drawing seminars of  Barry. Depth and subtlety, sensitivity to surroundings and generosity of Barry amazed me during the seminars. Being close to Barry and his radiant mandalas itself has a harmonizing impact, inspire to create beauty and harmony around oneself. More over, I got many extremely useful practical skills: how to draw a mandala  following principles of sacred geometry, to express my inner self through colours and shapes. Drawing of mandalas became an integral part of my everyday life since that moment... I am grateful to Barry for his Warmth, Lightness and Spark. (E.P) Lithuania


About 4 years ago I ventured over to Barry's place really not knowing what to expect, going to the home of an artist I had never met with the intention of spending 4 days in his company creating Mandalas and getting to know him - quite an adventure! It was a life changing event for me. I had a knowing I would be ok with him and that it would be a healing experience. Barry has a presence which allows space and breath, light and joy all to flow. His method of teaching is truly in line with Educare - to bring out that which is within. As I created, I healed - as I spent time with Barry, I evolved. Since that time we have embraced our connection with Joy and now offer workshops together, enabling others to find their inner and outer Mandalas through colour and sound. (F.C.) UK


For me Barry`s seminar was beginning to wider Mandala world. That was amazing experience of mandala and sacred geometry. Till that time I had just some information and didn’t know what to expect from the seminar. Amazingly nobody gave me any answers but I get so many of them from somewhere. In that time I found mandala as great instrument to find answers for myself, use this instrument as a meditation and find new way to explore myself. I love mandalas – its inspiration, lightness, wisdom, calm. Thank you Barry for showing me one more way to love the life and thank you for your openess, kind-heartness and peacefulness which you give everybody around you. (I.G. Latvia)


Attending the mandala workshops has enabled me to develop my creativity.  It is amazing to work with an artist of Barry’s calibre, and inspiring to see the originals which are on display.  I started out trying to emulate his style, and gradually developed my own.  The camaraderie of working in a group has often been a joyful exchange, and at other times profound.  I have been very grateful for these opportunities in my life. (L.W.)


I first heard of Barry’s workshops a few years ago, when a friend, who had attended one sent me the details and recommended I should go. I looked at Barry’s website and saw that he shared my interest in Ramana Maharshi. I loved the mandala pictures I saw there, but nothing prepared me for the originals, which have a powerful yet peaceful stilling quality and sense of spaciousness. The one I loved the most now  hangs in my bedroom where it is a doorway opening gently and easily into the inner world of meditation.

I have greatly enjoyed the workshops which Barry leads. In the intimacy  and companionship of a small group he guides each person with great sensitivity in exploring the mandala experience. Over the weekend each one of us, in our own way, is enabled to discover through painting, the oneness which we all share.

For anyone who is ready to open their heart and be drawn to the centre, here is the opportunity. (L.G.) UK


If someone asked me to describe a course with Barry in 3 words, I would say freedom, peace and meditation. In my opinion these 3 abstract words are some of the essentials for creating a mandala. Everything starts with an inspiration and then you just do what you feel like doing, in your own time... On these courses I gained inspiration in meditation, and then I was left to experience that in freedom. You can do what you feel like, and of course if your mind is in peace you can do things in your own time. That was basically what I did at Barry´s course - letting good things happen through creativity. (M.F.) Slovakia



Adding the dimension of sound to the artistic work with Barry has enriched the whole experience.  The whole journey becomes more synaesthetic, and I believe that impacts on the depth of the artistic work we do. Flick has so many skills on different levels, but both Barry and Flick teach in a non-dogmatic and non-intrusive way. That enables ones own insight and skills to emerge more freely. Additionally, the sound element has encouraged me to use my voice and given me confidence. (L.W.) UK


Fabulous judgement-free enlightened painting with Barry. As a newbie painter I was encouraged but not overwhelmed and technical help was on hand if I asked. The sounding aspects very skillfully led by Felicity. Great course environment and more fun that you could hope for in a weekend. (D.W.) UK


I found that attending Barry's Mandala workshop helped my creativity develop not only with my own individual concepts and work, but also as part of the group. The chance to see some of Barry's work is stunning. Felicity is a brilliant vocal coach, and involving sound energy along with Mandala creation and painting adds a dimension truly belonging to our New age. (S.B.) UK


Workshops Here At My Home

Thank you for inspiring me and leading me forward in such a beautiful way. I find your work a wonderful reflection of you. I have been given so very much in these four days of working with you, being around the energy of these profound mandalas, soaking it in and being led by you with such warmth. FC. UK


Thanks Barry, I enjoyed the workshop, the mandalas and the sight seeing. You made me feel at home! L.D. Mexico


It has been an absolute pleasure being in your company and your energy. I have gained a better sense of self and feeling through your special process of bringing a mandala together. I especially cherish our morning meditation sessions and will include this in my daily routine back in Los Angeles. Sharing with you has made a big difference in my life as is the process of yin yang. I look forward to communicating and visiting you sometime in the future. SR. USA

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