Over the years I have received many commissions to paint mandalas and I am happy to provide this service. Often I have been asked to reproduce by hand my original mandalas when those originals are not available and at other times to paint a mandala which is completely new. If you are interested in placing a commission please e.mail.



I exhibit on a regular basis and am open to doing so anywhere in the world where there is interest in my work. If you wish to be kept informed of my exhibitions please let me know. Also if you would like to help arrange or host an exhibition I am open to suggestions.


Some years I have given workshops mainly on painting mandalas. If you would like to host a workshop and/or be kept informed of developments in that respect please get in touch.

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My main activities the last couple of years in terms of selling products has been the cards, prints and window transparencies. I have also sold some originals. One opportunity the web obviously offers is that of making contacts worldwide. I have already established an extensive network of contacts in the U.K. but am not currently selling my work much abroad. If you are reading this from a location outside the U.K. and know of any suitable contacts for my work I would be grateful to receive details.This general principle applies to exhibiting and giving workshops. I have done a certain amount of both exhibiting and teaching in Europe and U.K. but not anything in that respect further afield.

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