Sacred Centres

Framed 24 X 24 inches £495


Framed 18 X 18 inches £275

Pure Light

Framed 24 X 24 inches £295


Mounted 24 X 24 inches £450


Framed 16 X 16 inches £395

Space Star

Framed 24 X 24 inches £695


Framed 26 X 26 inches £995

Rainbow Spiral

Framed 24 X 24 inches £495


Framed 24 X 24 inches £995

Flying Lotus

Framed 12 X 14 inches £395

Premananda Round

Framed 24 X 24 inches £395


Not available

Sri Yantra

Framed 24 X 24 inches £395

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I have now set up a website dedicated to showcasing and selling my

Original Hand-painted Mandalas


The mandalas and their prices listed are in the same sequence as the Mandala Tour so Page 1 of prices corresponds to Mandala Tour 1 etc. If you click on the link below the image concerned it will open a new page where you can see the image in a larger format. Clicking the back button of that page will bring you back to this page. Most of the mandalas I have sold at some point in the last forty years but I have made hand painted reproductions which are more or less identical to the first version. In most case the images on these pages correspond fairly exactly to the current version which is for sale. However unless a prospective buyer can come and collect I would be happy to send a high resolution file of the mandala in question so that it is clear what exactly is being sold in terms of colours and so on. The screens of digital devices can sometimes change colours and even on the same computer there can be colour variations between different browsers. If I send you the relevant file that should get round that problem. I can also send you further details such as methods of payment, postal costs and exact dimensions at the same time. I am open to receiving commissions to paint new designs or paint existing ones on a larger scale. Dimensions are in inches. The medium is acrylic on water colour paper. Frames are simple aluminised silver and the glazing perspex which in most cases is UV protective. The mounts are about 1-2 inches wide. If you do n’t want the mandala in it’s framed form I can send it mounted and reduce the price accordingly. To convert inches to centimeters multiply inches x 2.54. If the mandala is not for sale or unavailable I may suggest a commission price to paint it. All enquiries and offers welcome.


Rainbow Lotus

Framed 30 X 24 inches £495

premanandaround Premnanndapeach

Premananda Peach

Mounted 24 X 24 inches £395