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In units of 10 envelopes are supplied with the cards. For quantities of 100 and above envelopes are not supplied. The cost is in UK £’s so units of 10 cost £5, 100 cost £40, 250 cost £75, 500 cost £100 and 1000 cost £150. If you would like a selection then the unit cost is determined by the total number of cards. So, for instance 100 each of designs 3, 8 and 24 costs 300 x 30p = £90. Any questions or negotiations please email me

I am currently offering some of my earlier cards and prints at a special rate. The card designs available are illustrated below with the prices below the image. I also have three prints sized 14" X 14" of Pure Light, Radiance and Atlantis available at reduced prices as indicated on retail price list where they cost £2 each and wholesale price list where they cost £1 each. Radiance is listed below. Pure Light (2) and Atlantis (18) are illustrated on this page. I will need to calculate the postal costs for each specific enquiry or order. Also see lists for other card discounts.

item2 specialoffercards