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Vilnius, Lithuania 2006

During the last few years I have been occasionally giving workshops on the theme of the mandala. I have also given one on Astrology.

The general theme of my work is MANDALAS as I understand, experience and create them. My idea of giving workshops is to explore the possibility of communicating in person with people who are interested in my work, and to facilitate a situation which is conducive to inner and outer creativity and inspiration. It is also my wish and intention to enable all participants to relax and open up in safe and supportive circumstances with Kindred Spirits.

To be more specific a workshop given by me would explore the following areas:



Ideally participants should have some experience of meditation prior to attending the workshop. This is not essential but a factor to consider. This aspect and all aspects of the workshop can be adapted and modified if necessary to cater for the people involved.


My mandalas would be present in original form and a variety of other mandalas would be on view in the form of my collection of books and cards. The presence of mandalas in this way is useful as a source of inspiration, discussion and energetic communication. My work would in some cases be for sale.


This part of the workshop is about giving participants the opportunity to be actively involved in the process of painting their own mandalas and/or related images. In some cases participants may be inspired to work with images other than mandalas which from my standpoint is entirely acceptable. Although the general theme of workshops given by me is mandalas, I am strongly in favour of people expressing themselves freely. This part of the workshop does not require artistic skill or experience but does involve a willingness to explore one's creative potential. Whether to provide art materials or to ask participants to bring their own needs to be considered.


A significant part of the workshop is sharing ideas and feelings. This is part of the inner and outer exploration and time allowing would take the form of participants and myself saying, or one way or another expressing whatever seeks to be communicated. As with the painting side of the workshops this can and does develop in ways of its own and in general terms I am in favour of everyone present feeling able to express themselves freely.


My understanding is that Astrology is a study of the macrocosmic mandala that can be explored in relation to the microcosmic mandala in the form of Human Beings in general and oneself in particular. Depending on the amount of time available and the interest of the group this idea could be explored. In general terms I am not interested in conveying a great deal of astrological information, though I have been known to do so, so much as working with principles and personal experience. To be more specific I would be interested in enabling participants to explore the energy of the signs etc in terms of their personal experience and in the wider context of astrological understanding.


There are other possibilities that might arise and have done so on previous occasions. These include exploring the mandala in nature, healing, toning, ritual, architecture and dance to name a few ideas which come to mind. I am not a specialist in these areas and they have come into the workshops in specific contexts with input from a variety of people and sources. I am open to other possibilities arising as and when appropriate.

So here are a couple of pages to send to those of you who express interest in my workshops. I am willing to travel anywhere in the world where there is interest in my work and look forward to hearing from you in due course. Please let me know if you would like to arrange or take part in one of my workshops.

Financial arrangements and costs need to be considered in the context of the specific situation. Allowance has to be made for such factors as my traveling expenses and workshop fee and the prevailing economic circumstances at the location where the proposed workshop is to take place.

Biographical Sketch

Barry spent most of his childhood and youth in England and settled in West Wales during the late '80's where he is now based. Since an early age he has had a sense of Oneness as the fundamental reality of existence and this has inspired his work with mandalas since his early 20's. Over the years his mandala paintings have evolved though in some ways his work of the '90's is not that different from the mandalas he was painting in the '70's. This can be explained by the simple observation that the essential unity that inspires his work is beyond the realm of change. However on a technical level at least his artistic skill has become more refined over the years. Also at various times certain specific themes have come into manifestation in the context of the universal and timeless principles of Light and Colour. Taking part in a mandala workshop with Barry brings you into direct contact with the mandala as a living art form. This can be a powerful experience facilitating a deepening of awareness and creative expression.

In practical and specific terms I would need to receive traveling expenses in advance or alternatively assurance that enough definite bookings have been received to cover any costs that might arise. Workshops can be designed and timed according to needs and priced according to the appropriate rate in the particular part of the world concerned.



Further details





I would be happy to host individuals and small groups here at my home in Wales. For larger groups I could arrange accommodation and if necessary studio space locally. Courses could be designed according to specific requirements . As well as exploring the mandala it might also be appropriate to go on outings into the local countryside. West Wales is an area of outstanding scenic beauty and also rich in Sacred Sites. If you are interested in this idea please contact me for further details or click here  

Dates: Ongoing. Please enquire if interested. Workshop and accommodation prices

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